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Putting advice into practice:

Contract Monitoring and Best Value Analysis
Contract monitoring is essential to stimulate an environment of continual improvement for all parties involved with the service provision. Starting with an initial review of your current services, key targets are set and agreed and monitored through a combination of regular checks, surveys and review meetings.
Results can be used as a benchmark to both promote and determine a continuation of Best Value.

Managing the Tender Process
With our experience and knowledge of the marketplace, we can offer you the most cost-effective method of tendering to suit your particular need. Working independently or within a framework agreement, the whole process is managed and clarified, focusing on your qualitative and financial objectives, to bring reassurance and peace of mind and enabling you to make the right decisions.

In-House Support and Management
We are able to bring focus and expertise to support both your catering and cleaning self-managed services. Our support management package covers all aspects, from purchasing and due diligence, financial and business planning, to staff training and development, to ensure your services remain cost-effective, revitalised and meet all current legislation.

Menu Planning and Nutritional Analysis
Menu planning and nutritional analysis are now specific legislative requirements in many foodservice locations and are a feature of growing awareness in others.
We are licensed to conduct nutritional analysis for all age groups, which can also be linked to a costing and budgetary control module where this is required.

Purchasing and Supply Services
Purchasing will represent a significant level of cost within your catering and cleaning services. We operate as part of an independent purchasing consortium and can guarantee best value on procurement. A benchmarking audit will determine potential savings and our supplier monitoring will ensure that benefits will continue to be in place.
Supply costings can be factored in to a nutritional standards package where this is required.

Staff Training and Support
As a registered provider with the Royal Society of Public Health, we are able to conduct Food Safety and Health & Safety training in line with current legislation.
Customised training can also be planned and delivered in menu planning and marketing, budget planning and financial management, customer care and craft skills, team building and management development.

Facilities Design and Equipment Procurement
Via our associate network and support services, we can offer independent advice on designs and equipment, to ensure suitable and cost-effective purchase decisions are made.

Project Management and Implementing Change
With years of experience, we can work with both client and design management teams to both lead and co-ordinate project management changes. We can implement operational changes, in a planning, training and overseeing capacity.

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