Staff Training and Support

Watson Lennard & Payne Ltd specialise in and offer:

Support with the Management of Change
Budgeting and Business Planning
Bespoke Accounts Package
Nutritional Analysis in line with Government Standards
Menu Planning and Design
Mobilisation Support
Staff Recruitment and Induction Support
Staff training
Curriculum Links / Food Focus Groups
Audits / Monitoring
Periodical Reviews

Our Support Services and Associate Network also offer:

Design and Planning
HR Support
Nutritional Analysis
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Life Span Audits
Chefs Theatre
Rish Assessments
Specialist Training
Health and Safety


Watson Lennard & Payne Ltd offer a wide range of training, which includes the following areas:

Health and Safety
Craft Skills
Menu Planning
Financial / Budgeting
Marketing / Merchandising
Customer Care


Our first meeting is FREE and without obligation.

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